Despite a large amount of information concerning pregnancy prevention and use of contraceptives, teen pregnancy still remains the burning issue in the US. Although teen pregnancy rates have declined almost continuously since 1990s, the United States still has one of the highest teenage birth rates among developed countries. Every year, about 750,000 pregnancies are registered with the girls before twenty, but only 16% of them become mothers.

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17-year-old Emily was one of the girls who decided to keep the baby. However, the girl had no idea of what difficulties awaited her.

Unexpected news

"When I was 15 I started dating a guy. At that time, he seemed to be kind, loving, and reliable, just a perfect boyfriend. But how wrong I was about him. As he found out about the baby, he immediately vanished into thin air," Emily says.

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The girl had no choice but to tell her mom about it. Of course, Emily's mom was not enthusiastic about that piece of news. After all, the girl was still in high school, and respectively, had no money and job.

With tears in her eyes Emily's mother offered to do an abortion. But the girl wanted a child, so after some consideration Emily and her mother decided to keep the baby. In summer the girl found a part-time job on the Internet, that allowed her to save some money for the giving birth.

The difficult pregnancy

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It was Emily's first pregnancy, so the girl had no idea what to expect. Emily had suffered from terrible morning sickness that lasted up to the 18th week, until the baby started moving. Soon everything went back to normal, and the baby as well as the girl's belly grew well. Closer to the due date the girl's blood pressure began to rise sharply, and she was sent to the hospital, where she stayed until the birth.

Abnormal labor

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On the due date there still were no signs of labor activity. The girl was nervous, but the doctors explained that it could happen and said to wait a little. But for some reason Emily was still nervous, and as a result, her blood pressure went up again.

Suddenly her waters broke and she was sent to the delivery room for examination. Because of the high blood pressure as well as lack of labor activity the girl had a C-section.

After a while she saw her baby crying, so tiny and defenseless. The girl took her son Sebastian in her arms and immediately forgot about the pain, her abandoned plans and aspirations, and disapproving looks of her peers.

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"I looked at Sebastian and couldn't believe that I've given birth to this miracle," Emily shares.

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