This korean girl had a little friend who lived on the street. He walked her to school and waited until she was free to walk her home. The schoolgirl had long asked her mother to keep the doggie, but she was against it.

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Once, after a heavy rain, the dog got very wet, and the girl, disobeying her mother, brought him home. When the woman saw the dog, she was outraged. The girl asked her mom to keep the dog, but she was adamant. Nevertheless, after a while, her mother's cold heart would finally let in. The woman gave her permission to keep the animal, but on two conditions: her daughter takes care of it and she can only keep him for a while, until permanent owners are found.

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The girl did not pay much attention to the last point and jumped out of joy. She named her friend King Kong. Finally the two were united, how happy they were to be together!

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But one day people who wanted to take the dog for themselves appeared. Her mother told her that a better structured family would be better for King Kong, calming the child down for a bit. On their way to give King Kong to his new family the girl would sing songs, not think about parting at all.

However, when the little girl got back into the car without her pet, she finally realized the bitterness of the loss. The little girl cried bitterly the entire way and continued to do so for the next few days. The mother could not bear to see her daughter's tears, she already regretted that she had given the dog to another family.

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One day, though, the doorbell rang. When the mother opened the door, she saw King Kong sitting on their doorstep. The family who had taken him explained that the dog had failed to take root with them, so they had to return him.

The happy pet jumped out of their arms, rushed into the girl's room, and threw himself at her. The little girl cried with happiness and hugged her beloved friend. The doggy licked the little girl's face and barked with joy. So wonderfully ended the story. The best friends reunited again.


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