When my dog realized I couldn't handle the current, he took a piece of Styrofoam and ran to me. Duke and I have been inseparable for a long time, wherever I go my dog always follows me. He likes the most walking along the river, swimming, and taking out sticks thrown into the water.

I always knew that dogs are loyal and intelligent animals. But this incident made me virtually worship them. It was a warm summer evening. I decided to go for a swim while my dog was playing with a ball on the beach. Nothing seemed to promise anything bad, but suddenly a cloud rapidly appeared from behind the horizon and covered the sky.

Duke threw his ball. I'd never seen him look like that before. I could see fear in his eyes as he came up to my clothes on the bank, trying to get my attention and let me know it was time to get out of the water.

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The thunder was booming and the lightning was flashing. The water was flowing in rapidly (as it turned out later, the dam had collapsed). The current was so strong that I could not withstand it. And then my dog, I believe, did something incredible. He rushed toward a piece of Styrofoam lying on the bank. A few movements and the big rescue piece was already rushing downstream toward me. Duke barked me: "Mistress, quick, run!

The dog was showing me that I had to get out immediately. I grasped the floating 'life-buoy' and felt that my forces were running out. There was a sharp river bend ahead of me. A big wave tossed me out of the stream of water. Standing half in the water and barking loudly, my rescuer met me there.

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Grabbing our clothes, we ran towards the shelter. Lightning flashed above our heads as if it was about to hit us. Duke ran ahead, pointing the way and constantly looking back as if he wanted to check if I was lagging behind or not. Once we had got to the shelter, we sat cuddled up and waited for the heavy shower to end.

Duke was keeping an eye on me for a long time. Since then our friendship has become even stronger. However, walking in bad weather is now in the past.

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