Let's start with spoilers. It is heterochromia and a spot above the right eye that make Lucky the dog one of the most unique canines you've ever seen. Both in person and on the Internet.

Lucky's owner Charis from Thailand has made her snow-white little guy famous online, and rightly so. After all, it's just some sort of Frankenstein dog! Of course, in a good way. Lucky the Dog has got two winning tickets in a genetic lottery.

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One gave him heterochromia and the other a spot above his eye.

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When his photo was first posted on Facebook, many people couldn't believe that his appearance wasn't the result of Photoshop or even makeup applied by his mistress.

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Whatever emotion Lucky is experiencing, he always looks as if he was greatly surprised by something.

"Mistress, are you taking pictures of me? Woof! Woof!

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Lucky probably can't understand why everyone is taking such an interest in him.

After all, his body is not covered with scales. However, his appearance is extraordinary. His one eye is pale blue, the other is hazel, and there's a cartoon eyebrow over his right eye. Really, why is everyone gawking at him? Lucky's owner, Charis, says her dog is perfectly healthy.

Source: duck.show

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Yes, he's a little thin, but Charis promises to fix that with a proper diet. Anyway, Lucky is energetic and follows his owner everywhere. Surprisingly, the dog is 2 years old and he only found his home two weeks ago.

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There's only one explanation for this. Each time he was seen only from one side and was not recognized as a true masterpiece!

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