In early 2000s these unusual triplets were born in a U.S. maternity hospital. Unfortunately, two of the babies were Siamese twins. Their drug addicted mother abandoned them at once and did not even want keep their sister, who was a perfectly healthy baby girl.

Source: Darla Keller

But the little girls were lucky. All three girls were adopted by the Keller family. Both spouses couldn't conceive a baby naturally and that's why they opted for adoption. Jeff and Darla already had three adopted boys, and they wanted a girl to join the family. But instead of one, they gained three at once. 

The fact that two of the three girls would be physically challenged didn't stop the Kellers either. So Mackenzie, Macey and Madeline found a home and a loving family.

That's how Jeff remembers the first time he saw the triplets:

"They were looking at me and I was looking at them. When my wife came up to me, I heard her sigh loudly. I looked at her and realized she was thinking about the same thing. We've found our girls."

At 9 months of age, the two conjoined twins underwent a separation procedure. The sisters grew up on a farm in constant contact with animals.

Source: Darla Keller

The triplets gained three big brothers at once.

Source: Darla Keller

The triplet sisters grew into pretty blond girls with different characters. Madeline is quiet and homely. From a young age she helped her foster mother and her sisters, former Siamese twins.

Source: Darla Keller

Macey is a reserved girl while Mackenzie, on the other hand, is very sociable. She was the one who started all sorts of pranks and noisy games with her older brothers.

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Source: Darla Keller

Now when the sisters turned 18, they want to go to college. They work hard at school hoping to get some academic scholarship.

Source: Darla Keller

"That's going to be our focus in 2021: getting graduated and getting scholarships because they all want to go to college," says Keller. "As parents, we have three other boys, so we haven't been able to save a ton of money."

Source: clutch; people

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