This young family did not have enough money to buy an apartment. They came up with an unconventional way out of this situation. The couple bought an old boat, where they moved in. A lot of their friends criticized the seemingly hasty decision. Six months later, their guests stepped aboard and saw in front of them a real palace on the water.

Tash and Spike Lee had spontaneously come up with the idea of buying a boat. They were just walking along the canal and saw several vessels moored. Tash pointed out that the sailors had a better view than the residents of the expensive neighborhood homes around them.

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Just for fun, Spike contacted realtors and was surprised to find out that a boat could be bought for much less than an apartment. After that the couple bought a 49-foot-long and 6-foot-wide rusty boat.

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The couple removed most of the interior partitions. Now the interior of the boat resembles an apartment with many windows. A well-organized layout allowed the family to have a separate kitchen, a bedroom cabin, and a living area. Part of the open deck is used as a veranda.

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"We couldn't believe our eyes when we stepped onto the deck. Spike and Tash had transformed the old boat into a floating palace," the couple's fiends said later.

The family still lives on the boat. They find this house much more interesting than an ordinary apartment.

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