In 1973, a group of French anthropologists ventured too deep into the Guinea jungle. By the evening of the third day of their journey, the people never seen before came to the camp of the French scientists. The meeting with the tribe that had never seen the modern man was captured on video.

The group of Jean-Pierre Dutilleux did not expect to meet with the natives, as they were exploring a remote region of southwestern Papua, New Guinea. The people who came out to the campfire were very short, the adult males barely reached 4 feet and 11 inches.

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Despite the mountainous cold climate, the natives wore very limited clothing such as grass skirts, belted bags, and cloaks of oak bast. The sight of a white man seemed to shock the members of the strange tribe. Only several scouts were sent to the anthropologists, while a whole troop of warriors were hiding behind the trees.

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The tribe was named Toulambi. The French were able to find out that these aborigines had been living in isolation on the mountain range for over a thousand years and had never had contact with other tribes, who preferred to stay in the lowlands. The Dutilleux group's meeting was captured on video:

The tribe remains poorly researched. The aborigines of New Guinea still live in inaccessible area and are reluctant to interact.

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