Kate and David were very much looking forward to the birth of their babies. Mom had two babies hiding in her tummy. But there was a premature birth.

The doctors were sure that everything would go well. A girl was born first, with which there were no problems. And then a son was born. But doctors announced to the couple that he was dead. David and Kate couldn't accept that. So they decided that they should at least hold the baby in their arms and say goodbye to him properly.

Photo from personal archive. Source: parents.com

A cold body was placed on the woman's chest, and Daddy covered it with his shirt. Kate began to tell the baby that he had a baby sister. At one point she emotionally ordered him to wake up. And then the unbelievable happened!

The baby began to move! The couple quickly called the doctors. However, they were not so optimistic. They said - get over it, your son is dead! And then the baby grabbed his daddy's finger right in front of the doctors. Just then, the doctors began to check on the child, admitting that life was returning to his body.

Resuscitation measures. Source: parents.com

Science cannot explain exactly what happened then. Perhaps it was a mother's heartbeat and warmth, or maybe it was the miraculous power of love?

The answer to that question, however, does not interest Kate and David at all. They are happy that their children are alive and healthy, and that's all that matters.

Happy together. Source: parents.com

Source: parents.com

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