This skinny dog was spotted by residents of Cambridge, England. People immediately understood that the dog was a nursing mother, and that she was looking for food to gain energy and feed her puppies. They followed the dog that led them to the babies.

Source: RSPCA

The dog was hiding her eight babies in a small shed nearby where no one was around. Sacrificing her health, the desperate mother dog did everything she could to keep her babies alive. The kind people immediately contacted rescuers from the RSPCA, who picked up mom and the pups.

Source: RSPCA

The mother dog was named Lollie. No one knows how she ended up on the street. She had a collar, but there was no information about her owners. Lollie was happy to stay in the shelter, since she knew that finally her babies were safe there.

Source: RSPCA

The volunteers were surprised that the extremely dehydrated dog was able to cope with so many puppies, but fortunately the health of all the babies was perfectly fine. The only thing the staff is working on is restoring the weight and condition of the mom, who has been through a lot of stress.

Source: RSPCA

When the puppies are older and Lollie recovers, permanent owners will be found for her and her babies. Thanks a lot the kind people who rescued this family from the street and did not leave them in trouble!

Source: RSPCA


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