When Emma first came to visit her parents-in-law, their dog Remy was so unfriendly that he even bit her arm. That's why the unfriendly pet had to be kept on the leash during Emma's visit. Over time, Remy never got to like the woman, and growled every time she walked by. But one day her parents-in-law went on a three-week vacation, and her husband was also away on a business trip at the time. So it was Emma who was asked to feed the dog.  

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The day Emma's parents-in-law left, the kind woman brought Remy's favorite cookies to treat the dog and befriend him. When it was time to feed the pet, she put some food in a bowl and poured water in another one, but the dog began to growl and bark. To Emma's disappointment Remy did not touch the food.

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That night Emma slept poorly worrying about Remy, since he had been left hungry. In the morning the woman took a cookie and went to the dog, but the pet growled again and she did not dare go close to the kennel.

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For the next few days Remy continued treating Emma aggressively and would not eat anything. Only at the end of the week he stopped growling at the woman and did not turn over his bowls of food.

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A few days later, the woman decided to give him cookies out of her hands and let him go for a walk, removing the leash. So Remy was able to get used to Emma and joyfully wagged his tail when she met him.

Source: mimimetr

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