Aimee Elizabeth systematized her experiences and described them in her book "Poverty Sucks! How to Become a Self-Made Millionaire." There are many such books published around the world, but the 50-year-old woman attracted the most attention with her participation in the show "Extreme Cheapskates," where she shared her savings principles that allow her not to spend a lot of money.

Shocking methods of saving. Source: YouTube

Aimee's monthly budget is exactly one thousand dollars and not a cent more, and she will never, under any circumstances, spend money from her "reserve. If she runs out of money, she immediately goes into austerity mode. Aimee is not ashamed of the fact that she buys canned cat food instead of normal food and can even give such "delicacies" to her guests. She made a point of not caring what other people think about it - saving money is what counts. In the opinion of Aimee Elizabeth, the cat food with chicken or tuna is not any worse than conventional canned food, but it is much cheaper.

The extravagant diet. Source: YouTube

The woman is willing to sacrifice her own comfort for the opportunity to set aside an extra dollar. That's why the water heater in her house is turned on for only 22 minutes a day, which is how long it takes for the water to heat up to a temperature that allows her to take a morning shower. Aimee is diligent about saving on everything, including water. By her own admission, the only knife in her house that she uses in the kitchen, she never washes, only wipes it off with a towel and puts it back in its place in her desk drawer. And yes, she cuts everything with this knife, including bread, vegetables and raw meat.

Amazing lifestyle. Source: YouTube

She uses her kitchen sponges until they start to fall apart in her hands. She doesn't consider it necessary to change them regularly.

Naturally, there is no question of going to fashion boutiques or stores that sell new clothes at all. The owner of several million dollars wears only secondhand clothes.

She lives in the house her ex-husband left her after the divorce. And at the same time, he comes to the house to clean it, of course, completely free of charge. As the man admits, this is his way of showing his concern for his ex-wife and making sure that she lives in normal conditions. He is sure that if he lets it go unchecked, Aimee will sell the house and move into a barn somewhere.

When a thrifty millionaire needs to go on business from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, she goes there by car, because plane tickets are more expensive. By the way, Aimee's car has been in need of replacement for a long time, but as long as it's road ready, she is not going to change it. Aimee Elizabeth warns those who to use her experience against the temptation to start spending money as soon as a decent income has been earned.


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