In the middle of the East River, a platform is rocking on the water. There's a cooler, a computer with Internet access, and some office furniture on it. It's officially New York's most socially distanced office. In the morning, a motorboat arrives at the platform with a man in it. The man is wearing a shirt and an orange life jacket. He thanks the boatman and climbs a little awkwardly onto the swaying platform.

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The only employee in this office sits down at his computer and joins a Zoom meeting. A boat full of tourists stops behind the manager, all staring at him.

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The white-collar worker is ready to tell everyone that he ran away from the kids to this office in the middle of the river because it was absolutely impossible to work remotely with kids. And here one can enjoy silence and calmness, unless, of course, the gawking tourists are taken into consideration. If you want hot tea, a female courier delivers it by boat.

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In fact, this whole story is a hoax. It was made up by the maritime nonprofit organization Tidlend Institute and the great pranksters Improve Everywhere. Todd from Improve Everywhere got the idea for the prank when he heard about an impromptu jazz concert the Tidlend guys were holding in the sewer tunnel.

Source: YouTube screenshot

The project's mission is to attract people's attention to the East River, where one can even set up an office.

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Even though the story is just a joke and everyone in the video is a hired actor, it hit a real sore spot of remote workers. Children are a constant distraction, demanding attention and involvement in their activities. Even if they don't have online schooling, someone has to take them to schools or daycare, and go for sports or walks with them.

Source: novochag

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