Rosalind, a woman now in her seventies, has given home and motherly care to many children. But she had had no intention of devoting her life to raising kids until her neighbor asked her for an innocent favor. Now the woman tells the story of her life on TikTok.

At that time Rosalind was young, a little over twenty. Her neighbor asked to babysit her son while she went to the store. Rosalind agreed, but she never saw that woman again. Unfortunately, the neighbor never came back for her baby. Rosalind decided to foster the boy and raised him as her son until he reached 18.

She put it simply: "When I was a little over twenty, after undergoing extensive medical examination, I was told that I would never have my own children."

When her foster boy turned 18, he found his biological father and moved in with him. By this time Rosalind's marriage had also broken up. It turned out that her husband was cheating on her with her sister.

After that, the woman decided she was going to be a foster mom. Since then Rosalind has fostered many children. Foster parents take custody of children in need. They don't adopt them, they house them and get compensation from the state.

The first child Rosalind cared for was a boy named Adeola, and in the early nineties she got a daughter. "It was the middle of May, 1990. She was such a beautiful baby girl with beautiful eyes," the woman recalls.

Lola, the girl Rosalind adopted, has been by her side ever since. She occasionally appears in her mother's videos.

Source: novochag

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