Cleo Symes had lips lip injections for five years in a row. After her latest visit to the doctor when she got in the car and pulled the mask down, her boyfriend's face changed: "What the f*... is that?" he exclaimed. Cleo's lips were truly enormous. They seemed to take up half of the girl's face.

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At home, she had to drink her soda through a straw in the corner of her lips, otherwise the drink just couldn't get into her mouth. Eating must have been so uncomfortable that Cleo didn't even want to record it.

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But Cleo continued to insist that everything was fine. "It's fine." "Thanks for your kind messages, guys, I think I'll be fine," she wrote, showing her huge lips.


Getting my lips dissolved.. trust the process 😂 #lipfiller #lipdissolving #foryou @muushyp

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Cleo didn't count on such a result at all. In fact, the young woman didn't come to the doctor this time for a lip augmentation. She decided to dissolve all the filler she'd been pumping into her lips year after year. The injections caused swelling, since some kind of chemical reaction was going on in her lips, but she believed that they would gradually return to normal. Cleo laughed at the fact that someone thought that she had made her lips so enormous on purpose. Although it's not surprising that the subscribers thought so, because some girls find it attractive.

Many people wrote that Cleo was allergic to the medication, but she wasn't worried. Indeed, after a few days, her lips returned to their natural appearance, and nothing but small bruises reminded her of how huge they had been a few days ago.


Update from your no.1 tweenie #fyp #lipdissolving #lipfiller #KindAndFree

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

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