When we realize that we are not satisfied with our life, we start changing it. Some people change jobs, others relocate, and some change their appearances. This mother of two, fed up with her calm life, proves that the third option can make one happy! Meet Bee Cameron, a 52-year-old mom of two, who is just obsessed with plastic surgery.

This photo was taken when Cameron was just over 20.

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Bee's dissatisfaction with life caused a mid-life crisis.

"I had my kids and was dull and boring in my 20's and 30's and even 40s'. I decided in my 40s I wanted a new body, a new look, a new image and I wanted to be 30 again – 50 is the new 30," she says.

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So the woman decided it was time, as she puts it, "to go back to her 30s."

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Being inspired by none other than Jessica Rabbit, she started getting Botox.

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Bee liked to feel and look younger. After a while, she decided to get boob job.

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Unfortunately, first implants caused complications and Bee was forced to have new ones.

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Feeling more and more beautiful, Mrs. Cameron continued her transformation.

But unfortunately, when she decided to tighten her thighs surgically, something very unpleasant happened. 

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The surgery left her with uneven skin.

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But Bee does not care and plans to correct her surgeon's mistakes and continue her miraculous transformation, including Botox and fillers.

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Bee doesn't pay attention to what the haters think about her.

"I am a late bloomer but I love my look and, after all, it is my money and while some will criticise me I don't mind. It's a personal choice and personal choice is important if it makes me happy, what's the harm," Bee explains.

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All in all, Mrs. Cameron has already spent an astounding amount of more than $100,000 on her surgeries.

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Bee has had breast augmentation, veneers, hip surgery, facelift, Botox and filler injections, eyelid reshaping surgery, lip augmentation, invasive and noninvasive liposuction, skin cleansing, eyebrow tattooing and many other cosmetic procedures such as massage, manicure, and pedicure.

This is Bee before her first Botox injections and now, 10 years later. But does it really matter what exactly she undergoes if it makes her happy?

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