Neidi and Carlos Romero live in Bradford, Texas, together with their three dogs. Three - because three years ago they got married and started an unusual tradition. All over the world, people exchange gifts celebrating certain wedding dates, but a puppy every year?! Yes, that's right - despite the contradictory reaction of acquaintances, the Romero family is confident that it will be a great feature of their life together.

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"On our first wedding anniversary, Carlos brought the Captain to the house without telling me. On our second, we got Teddy together at the shelter. And our latest tiny piece of furry fun is Chewie, he's our gift to each other on our third wedding anniversary."

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All her childhood, Neidi wanted a dog, but her mother wouldn't let her have one. And now, as an adult, married woman, she achieved her dream. And then again, and again. Truth be told, she didn't like Chewie at first, but when she saw the conditions in which the puppy had to live in a shelter... well, three dogs in the house - it's great! And their family tradition is only growing stronger. Nadie's sister tweeted about it and the story went viral.

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