Even with a small income, you can save a significant amount and achieve your dreams. The main thing is to properly organize your expenses and to spend as little as possible. Thus, a resident of the U.S. state of California, Dylan was able to save for his own house. To do this he had to eat at an amusement park for 7 years on a special pass.

Unique diet. Source: humanstory.com

Dylan came up with the idea of eating in the park after a conversation with a colleague. The woman told him that according to her calculations, the cost of food per month was at least $1,500. He then decided that he needed to avoid such spending, or else he would never be able to raise the amount needed to buy a home.

A great place to save money. Source: humanstory.com

For the next seven years, electrician Dylan ate only in the park. During that time he ate 2,000 lunches and dinners, each of which cost him a ridiculous amount of 50 cents. Yes, it wasn't very healthy food, but thanks to this diet, the man was able to pay off debts and raise money to buy a house.

Typical lunch. Source: humanstory.com

Dylan told reporters that the first year was the easiest. He ate only what he was offered at Six Flags Magic Mountain and never even went to the grocery store. The electrician would go to the park for lunch during his break at work and pick up dinner on his way home. Dylan added that his diet was based on burgers, pizza and donuts, but he later added some vegan dishes to the menu.

Although the frugal electrician tried to keep himself in shape, he still put on extra pounds. After seven years of eating in the park, Dylan met the woman who became his wife.

Source: humanstory.com

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