Little Matt was the son of a forest ranger. His father loved his job and did it with his heart. He instilled in his son a love for animals, thus the boy had no fear of the furry ones at all. He knew the forest like the back of his hand, so he could walk around without worrying about anything. Then, one day, the boy came across a little wolf cub which was trapped. Matthew remembered everything his father had taught him and was able to free the little pup.

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He carefully brought him home, where his father was able to give the animal first aid. For several months the wolf cub lived with the ranger's family. They fed him and treated his wounds. Matthew became very fond of the wolf cub, even invented his nickname.

However, his father constantly reminded him that the wolf was not a house dog, he could not be tamed, and the day would come when he would return to the woods. And so it happened, the wolf cub just ran away and never returned to the caretaker's house. Although Matt was worried, he was able to get used to the fact that his beloved wolf cub was gone.

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Matt had already forgotten about this incident, because more than 3 years had passed. However, one day he came across an adult wolf and his cubs. The animal was completely wounded, he could hardly come to Matt's house.

Matt recognized in this tired and wounded beast his old friend, whom he had once rescued from a trap. Matthew and his father could not save the animal, however, he fulfilled his friend's last wish. The ranger's family took on the care of the little wolf cubs.

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