A 33-year-old mother of nine children named Louise hates dust. She spends six hours every day cleaning to get her 7-bedroom house in order. She believes that even with as many children as she has, that's no reason not to clean to a shine!

Cleanliness fan. Source: YouTube

Louise has turned one of the bedrooms into a dressing room to keep the children's outfits neat and tidy. By the way, she does not allow the little ones in this room.

"I have a husband, 9 kids, and a 7-bedroom house that I leave without a single stain. I don't understand why others don't!"

Charming kids. Source: YouTube

Louise was met by 44 years old Paula. The woman's home is a constant mess, with only one child and three cats. The pets do whatever they want!

The owner of a dirty house. Source: YouTube

Paula hasn't done a general cleaning in three years. Instead of putting the house in order, she prefers to embroid. Louise started with the kitchen, then moved on to the living room and bedroom.

Untidy kitchen. Source: YouTube

Paula found excuses for everything! She wondered why Louise paid so much attention to cleaning. But after a heart-to-heart talk, Paula confessed that she wanted to teach her child to clean up her own toys.

Louise, on the other hand, realized that it was worth giving her children the opportunity to clean up after themselves. It would help them develop a sense of responsibility. After four days of cleaning, Paula's house was sparkling clean again!

Impressive result. Source: YouTube

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Paula and Louise have learned a lot from each other. Paula believes that she will now be able to keep the house in order. Louise assumes that she will spend less time to cleaning and more to the family.

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