All pet lovers want beautiful and healthy kittens and dogs. So troublesome and sick four-legged friends are often left in shelters. But they also need love and care. Despite some of their peculiarities, they are ordinary pets. They will also wait and love their owner.

Tracy Fowler with her pet. Source: Tracy Fowler

Tracy Fowler is a woman with a heart of gold. She took six dogs with serious health issues from the shelter. Each of the dogs needs special care, but that did not stop Tracy. She was able to give all the animals the happy life they so desperately needed.

The dogs are playing around. Source: Tracy Fowler

One can only imagine how happy the animals are now. They never hoped for such a loving family, but Tracy changed their lives. The dogs move around with the help of carts, but it doesn't stop them from playing and running around all day long.

Source: Tracy Fowler

Source: Tracy Fowler

Fowler believes that physically challenged animals shouldn't repel people. They are just like ordinary dogs who also need love and family.

Source: Tracy Fowler

Source: odnaminyta

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