The neighbors always thought of Christian as a garage man. He would come into his garage workshop almost every day and poke around in it from morning till night. The man had his own auto shop there, so everyone thought Chris was fixing cars. The situation changed a few months later when the garage began to transform from the outside - then everyone realized that the man wasn't just working in the garage. He was quietly turning it into a real home.

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Christian Kugin did not advertise his plans, and only because of this he told me that he had long ago set a goal to turn the garage into a real "man's den".

It was too expensive to hire a team of builders, that is why the man tried to do everything himself and only in extreme cases to invite workers.

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At first he just wanted to spruce up the walls, but after about 3 months of work, he realized that the garage was large enough to be a full-fledged house.

Chris was an auto mechanic by trade, so his garage was bigger than usual. It was essentially a garage auto shop, with the ability to accept multiple cars. So there was plenty of room.

A place to meet friends. Source:

All the furniture in the garage house is in a harmonious style, almost everything is handmade. Interior decorations are appropriate, from old engines, to recycled parts.

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The interior space makes it easy to organize a party zone in the garage area. A whole group of friends can gather here, which is what happens on weekends.

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