On his way home, a Brazilian man named Andersen Baja saw something he won't soon forget. "I was driving by in my car, and I noticed an ambulance stopped at the curb across the street," the man said.

Admirable dedication. Source: YouTube

As it turned out, a man had fainted while walking his dog on the sidewalk nearby, and passerby called an ambulance. When the paramedics put the man in the car and were about to take him to the hospital, his dog jumped on the bumper, insisting to go with the owner.

A touching family reunion. Source: YouTube

The scene was incredibly moving to an eyewitness. The staff almost immediately spotted the dog in the car, and opened the door so he could go in to see his owner. But the loyalty of the four-legged friend did not end there.

Brave puppy. Source: YouTube

When the man was brought to the hospital, he was wheeled inside. The dog had to be left outside - the whole time he was in the hospital, he was anxiously looking at the door, hoping he would come back.

The staff couldn't bear to look at it, so they contacted Maria, a local animal rescuer. She took the dog to her while her owner was examined. Fortunately, they didn't have to wait long - the man was soon discharged and reunited with his pet.

Source: petpop.com

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