In 1942 the Grunion-class submarine went out on its first combat mission. The voyage was to the north of the Pacific Ocean, but after a few days the submarine stopped communicating. The search brought no results - the boat seemed to have disappeared from the radar. The story was not continued until 80 years later, when the scanner detected a huge object at the bottom of the Aleutian Islands.

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The Lost 52 team is engaged in a professional search for missing vessels, and has located approximately 50 ships.

The military very quickly abandoned the search for the USS Grunion, but Lost 52 continued to carefully analyze and compare facts in an effort to understand the possible path of the submarine.

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The team was helped to find the submarine, which went missing 78 years ago, by underwater scanners and drones. Her nearly undamaged hull lies at a depth of 400 meters, with only the bow missing. It was discovered later, however, at a depth of 820 meters - it seems that the bow of the submarine had broken off and rolled down the volcano's slope upon contact with the bottom.

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By the nature of the damage, experts have reconstructed the order of events that led to the sinking of the boat. The captain of the USS Grunion met the Japanese cruiser and opened fire, but none of the torpedoes detonated on its hull. The only one that exploded was the one that, due to a navigational error, made a circle and crashed into the submarine - in essence, the American submarine attacked itself.

The team's specialists compiled a 3D image of the submarine lying on the bottom:


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