Cemetery workers regularly have to take whole bundles of firewood from the animal's grave. But they do not complain, because people bring him gifts for a very good reason.

Rex the dog died more than 100 years ago, but city residents still remember the kind dog of the local fruit seller, John Stowe. The "American Hachiko" was so devoted to his master that they were not separated even after his death. The dog rests next to John at Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn.

The well-known pet in his native town even had a monument erected, his full-size bronze sculpture.

Rex's grave at Green-Wood Cemetery. Source: Twitter

A photo of Rex's grave has recently appeared on Twitter, and it turned out that residents regularly stack sticks and tree branches next to his monument.

The post immediately caught the attention of Internet users, and many of them wondered why people were doing it. Later, someone from Brooklyn commented on the photo and explained that the sticks were a tribute to the loyal dog that grandparents tell their grandchildren about. Residents who have lost their pets also come to Rex's grave. They put twigs in the bronze paws of his sculpture and ask the dog for a favor to watch over their beloved pets until they meet them again.

Source: novochag

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