The stray cat Mary, who had lived on the street all her life, was known to everyone in her neighborhood. Kind-hearted people always fed the animal, and sometimes even let her in the house when it was too cold.

One day 68-year-old Irene, who knew Mary well, heard strange noises coming from the basement. After getting closer, the woman heard the cat meowing. The pet usually purred when being stroked or fed. But the kitty was meowing pitifully as if calling for help.

When the elderly woman went down into the basement, she was horrified by what she saw.

This kind creature proved to be a loving mother to a human's baby. Source: odnaminyta

There was a cardboard box on the cold floor, in which Mary was lying cuddled up to a newborn baby. The stray cat kept the baby boy warm so that he would survive.

The baby boy was abandoned in the basement. Source: odnaminyta

Irene immediately called an emergency, and soon the baby was taken away by paramedics. As the boy was being taken away, Mary the cat was running behind the car and meowing.

"She was so worried about where we were taking the baby! She was running after us and meowing. A very smart pet," the ambulance driver says.

Mary the cat. Source: odnaminyta

According to the tenants of the house where the baby was found, Mary the cat had been staying in the basement for hours. She seemed to be waiting for her baby to come back. The cat had a real maternal instinct, that was apparently stronger than one of the baby's biological mother. Thanks to Mary, the beautiful baby boy is no longer in danger.

Source: odnaminyta

Source: odnaminyta

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