Shannon Ellis, a UK resident, was just 22 years old when her mother passed away. Already being a mother-of-two, she took care of her four sisters and a brother and became their legal guardian. Thus, the young woman became a mother-of-seven overnight.

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Although it's been more than a year since Shelley Ellis passed away, Shannon can't talk about her mom without tears.

"I still can't get over the fact that our mommy is gone. After all, she was only 39 years old. Why did she leave us so early?"

After calming down a bit, Shannon continues:

"Mom was a wonderful person. Even though she was a single mom, we had an amazing childhood because we always felt loved and protected. She would take us to the sea, and she would play different games with us, and on Saturdays, mommy would always cook lots of treats for us."

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According to Shannon, her mom always helped them with their homework and put the children to bed every night, even when they weren't little anymore. She treated the children with affection, tenderness, and love, and never once said she was busy.

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"My mom was the first to know I was pregnant."

When Shannon was 18, she started dating a guy named Kieren Ferguson. Soon the girl realized she was pregnant. Nine months later Shannon welcomed her firstborn Harrison, and a year later, her second son Rowan.

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Shannon's mom suddenly felt ill and had to go to the hospital. The woman was diagnosed with a terminal illness and nine days after passed on.

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Shannon kept her promise and didn't let the family break up. She got custody of her siblings and replaced their mother.

And now Ellis, 23, is a mother-of-seven: Mia, 16, Neva, 15, Bracken, 13, Kiwi, 10, Blaine, 8, Harrison, 3, and Rowan, 2.

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"I don't know what I would do without Kieren. He has taken my siblings under his wing and is taking care of them with me," Shannon says.

Source: mama-likes

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