Sparrows are small gray creatures that live in many countries around the world. It is worth noting that they are not as simple as they seem at first glance. A girl named Maria picked up a poor chick on the street and saved his life. Now she will have a hard time because the feathery baby follows her everywhere as if afraid of losing her.

Defenseless baby. Source: YouTube

At the time she found the feathered chick on the street, it was still very young. She assumed it was no more than a day old. In addition, it was sick, so Maria sent it to the veterinary clinic. When the doctor called her, he told her that it would have to be put to sleep if no one wanted to take it into custody. Less than an hour later, she was on the doorstep of the clinic, determined to take the bird home.

Cutest find. Source: YouTube

A few weeks later, Maria's dog passed away, and it devastated her. But the little feathered friend helped her cope with the loss. Every day as she cared for the bird, she became as attached to him as he was to her. Maria herself says, "He was like a curious puppy who is with me all the time." The chick turned out to be very affectionate, and is always trying to get attention in every way. If the girl does not pet her pet, he may push into her finger, like a dog trying to put his head under the palm of his owner.

Happy together. Source: YouTube

She often has to treat the sparrow's beak, and when the procedure drags on, he may show displeasure by throwing a fit, making angry chirps. Like many feathered birds, Happy builds his nest using items of clothing or torn off pieces of toilet paper. He is so proud of his shelter that every day he tries to lure a girl there, as if inviting her in.

Source: Geobeats Animals

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