When Coby, 4, was first spotted by Maryland shelter employees, he was in a rather bad shape and looked unhealthy. The poor doggie must have been mistreated and not given proper care, but luckily for Coby, Sean and his wife Jade decided take the pooch in until he found permanent owners.

"When we first saw him at the shelter, he was underweight and had a severe infestation of worms, that we are still treating," Sean says.

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"Coby has only lived with us for three weeks so far, but he's already come out of his shell."

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"He loves everyone he meets. He runs up to you and beams if you start petting him and showing love towards him."

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"He smiles a lot. Coby is a happy dog and really enjoys socializing with people, he especially likes to sit on the floor or on the ground next to his human and to be stroked and petted."

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"Coby just loves to spend time in the backyard, where he bounds happily and after that comes into the house with a radiant smile."

Source: petpop

Source: petpop

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