Border collie Blake adopted a lamb named Bella after her mother died. The two had grown up together on a farm in Peltrop, Nottinghamshire, UK, and ran away from there also together.

The pair became friends and made an escape from the shelter. Now it's been a week that the pets have been searched for, yet unsuccessfully. As Farming UK reports, a big reward has been announced for their capture.

Source: petpop

The story of the missing animals was featured by numerous British media. Bella and Blake's owners were even invited to the local TV show This Morning, hosted by Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. Schofield announced a $1,300 reward for catching the fugitives.

Natalie Heywood and Jordan Knightob, the owners of the pets, are asking locals to help find their "kids." According to the police, the footprints found in the Peltrop area show that Bella and Blake are still together.

Source: petpop

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