The 82-year-old Debbie has been helping the local shelter, Salvation Island, for more than a decade. Her volunteer experience totals 20 years. The pensioner not only takes care of the pets, but also tries to improve their living conditions in the shelter. The woman has an unusual volunteer hobby - she sews cushions for cats. This is where her volunteer journey began. They kindly laugh at the shelter and say that now the compassionate granny basically lives with them.

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At first I just brought rags to the shelter. They're used as bedding - they're very much needed here. And then I started making pillows for the cats out of scarcity. They like it to be warm and soft. Sometimes I make them at home and bring them here. But more often I make them here and stuff them. I've even been given a place in the shelter more than once, so to speak, my own workshop", says Debbie smiling.

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Debbie noted that she was a biologist by profession and has loved animals since childhood. She herself had cats and dogs. "Now I don't have any animals at home. My cat died recently, I took it very hard," said the pensioner with tears in her eyes. - I am not going to get any new pets, as I am too old for that. I do not want to give them up afterwards."

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According to Debbie, it is on the basis of her love for animals that she meets the best and most compassionate citizens. "There are kind people. I just adore such people who love animals. If there were more of them, there wouldn't be such a global problem with homeless animals. My heart bleeds when I hear puppies or kittens squeaking," said the pensioner. - I may not have the strength to walk large dogs, but I walk small and weak ones. I cook for cats and sometimes buy them something. Every day I do everything possible, I can even help with my pension."

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Debbie comes to the "Salvation Island" shelter every day. There is a lot of work to do, including sewing pillows and cleaning up after the sick animals. In summer, because of the heat, the woman admits, it is more difficult to come. But she still does not leave her charges. And to distract herself she goes to the social center to meet with the same pensioners.

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