A sweet dog named Blizzie took care of a little baby goat named Rita when she was abandoned by her mother goat...

Source: Glori Rushing

Unfortunately, the three other kids crossed the Rainbow Bridge. The mother goat must have been under some stress because she rejected the newborn, as if Rita were not her "baby" at all.

Source: Glori Rushing

At the same time Blizzie the dog welcomed her pups. According to Glori Rushing, 18, the owner of the pets,the doggie immediately started caring for her puppies. Having noticed Rita, Blizzie took the kid and brought her to her litter, and then stared feeding her!

Source: Glori Rushing

Glori, who had to bottle-feed the kid, was so happy to see this touching sight. The woman says that usually Blizzie has between 8 and 10 puppies, but this time there were only four pups, so the pooch had plenty of milk, and even tiny Rita got it!

Source: Glori Rushing

By the way, Blizzie has turned out to be an excellent mom, and she literally will not part with the kid, thinking Rita is her baby as well. Glori even jokes about it:

"I think Rita will start barking one day! In general, it's fun to watch them!" the girl laughs.

Source: Glori Rushing

The little black-and-white goat benefits from being raised by the dog. Unlike other goats, Rita behaves like an affectionate puppy. She adores cuddles and happily hops next to her owner. Rita gets along well with other puppies and has become a full member of the four-legged family. No wonder that now the little one looks healthy, cheerful, and happy.

Source: Glori Rushing

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Well, little Rita is so lucky and we hope that when she grows up she will not lose the emotional bond with her foster mom!

Source: metro

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