It all started with a home genetic testing kit the children gave Anna for Christmas. The Texas resident always knew she grew up in foster care, but she couldn't even hope that this little box could lead her to her birth mother. In late 2019, Anna tested her genetic material. Soon she received a call from the clinic manager saying that her DNA data matched that of a woman named Ada, who apparently was her biological mother.

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Anna was shaking. In 62 years, the woman had not heard from her blood parents and did not know how to start communicating. But soon she pulled herself together and decided to call Ada. And last October, the 85-year-old woman flew from Connecticut to Texas to see for the first time the daughter she gave up right after she was born. "Words can't describe how I felt when I hugged her for the first time," Anna said in an interview.

It turned out that Ada had kept everything a secret. Even her husband didn't know she had a daughter. Neither did anyone else. But she decided to tell Anna the whole truth, even about her biological father - Nicholas, who now lives in a nursing home in New Orleans. Soon Anna would be able to meet him in person - but at a proper distance.

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The 87-year-old man survived a stroke that paralyzed the left side of his body, but is still in good shape. The meeting was very touching, and no one present could hold back tears. At Christmas, Anna wanted to see her mother again, but because of the coronavirus pandemic, the visit had to be postponed. But over the New Year's holidays she was able to fly back to Louisiana to see her father and her new relatives - half-sister, nephews and nieces.

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She was only allowed to be with her dad for 45 minutes, but even that time they had a lot of fun. Anna and her biological parents have no shared memories, but she hopes to make up for lost time, because that's what everyone wants. In Anna's opinion, she is very lucky, because she has heard many stories of foster children finding their blood parents, and they didn't want to communicate with them. Her in-laws welcomed her with open arms, and now her family is much larger. "In eight months, a lot of new people came into my life. But most importantly, I now have a mom and dad," says Anna.

Source: The Epoch Times

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