Leah Battle and her husband Alvaro from Costa Rica take in abandoned and sick dogs as well as pets scheduled to be put to death. It all started with Diego, a 15-year-old pooch, who was saved by sheer luck at the very last moment!

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One day Leah arrived at a shelter to buy dog food when suddenly she overheard a dialogue between two employees.

"I remember it was the end of the day," Leah says. "They were about to close when one girl said to the other, "Oh, and get that little dog from cage number 3 in the operating room, too!" Leah thought that it was rather weird that they were going to have their animals spayed at closing time.

But Diego, a gray Schnauzer, wasn't going to be spayed at all. The employees were going to put him to sleep!

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When Leah realized this, she insisted on taking the dog with her.

"They said no. He's old, he's sick... But I said that if he lived for at least another week, he would be glad to have a home and a loving owner that week!"

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Since then Diego has lived with Leah for almost five years, and all that time he has never left the woman's side.

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The dog isn't the only pet the woman has rescued. Since Leah adopted Diego she has traveled to different shelters and tried to rescue as many lives as she could! Leah doesn't give up on the poor creatures abandoned in shelters to die!

The woman is backed up by her beloved husband Alvaro. Together they've saved about 1,000 dogs!

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At first, about 100 pets lived in the Battles' small house with a loft and a yard. But soon because of the limited space of their home the couple had to build multi-story kennels for their pets. They also hired two workers to take care of the dogs.

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Both husband and wife worked tirelessly to cover their expenses. Almost all their income was spent to maintain their family shelter.

Four years later, Leah inherited a farm with a large plot of land from her grandfather. There they built "Territorio de Zaguates," that stands for "Home for Abandoned Mongrels."

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Today there are about 700 dogs in the shelter even though their number used to be between 900 and 1000. All the locals know about the shelter and many people have already found their beloved pets there!

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