Martin Pistorius from South Africa was trapped in his own body for 12 long years. Everyone around him thought he was in a  vegetative state, completely unable to see or hear anything. However, Martin was finally able to tell what really happened.

Martin (at the right) before he fell ill, 1987. Source: Martin Pistorius

Martin could see, hear and understand everything, but he could not give a single signal about it. He could not speak or move. Looking at Martin now, it's hard to even imagine what he has gone through.

When Martin Pistorius was 12 years old he was perfectly healthy. Martin grew up in South Africa. One day he came home from school and complained of feeling sick.

The boy was getting worse and worse: he lost his ability to speak, his muscles were weakening, and he could no longer move.

Martin after he got ill. Source: Martin Pistorius

The doctors supposed that the child had cryptococcal meningitis. They told his parents that Martin had completely lost contact with the outside world and could not understand what was going on around him. But they were wrong.

Martin says he was conscious for 12 years, but no one knew it.

Martin understod everything but couldn't move. Source: Martin Pistorius

He says he saw and heard many things, but no one noticed him, as if he were a ghost.

One day he heard his mother say in despair that it would have been better if he had died.

"I had no idea he could hear everything. I'm so sorry I said that!" Martin's mother says with deep regret.

Martin and his father, Rodney, in the 1990s. Source: Martin Pistorius

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Martin says that it was painful for him to hear these words, but he understood why his mother said such a thing. He knew she thought she was a bad mother. It was very hard for the boy because he couldn't tell that she was his beloved mommy and was doing her best.

Every day Martin he was taken to the special care center where he spent eight hours. According to the boy, there one doctor noticed that he began to wake up.

Gradually Martin learned to communicate. He made an enormous effort to learn to control his body. He finished college, got his driver's license, and now drives a specially designed car.

Martin and his parents. Source: Martin Pistorius

In 2008, he met his sister's friend, Joanna, whom he married in 2009.

By the age of 39, the man's health had almost fully restored. Now he is a successful web designer, lives independently and does not depend on anyone else. He is a happy husband and father!

Martin and his wife, Joanna. Source: Martin Pistorius

Martin encourages everyone to treat each other with kindness, respect, and empathy. Never underestimate the power of will, the importance of love and faith. One must never stop dreaming!

Source: medialeaks

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