Officially, the Guinness Book of World Records has registered the achievement in the category "the world's smallest dog". This title belongs to Chihuahua Millie from Puerto Rico. That was back in December 2013, and no one knows if it has been updated since then or not. But in the city of Jarocin (Poland) there is a terrier, which can compete for the title of the smallest in the world.

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The dog, named Macy, is only 2.7 inches, which is almost 1.2 inches smaller than Milly's. He's so tiny, he could even fit in a coffee cup!

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When Macy was born, he was so small that the owner didn't even realize he was a puppy. And when she did, she started nursing him. She had to take time off work to nurse the baby, he was very weak, and she had to feed him from an eyedropper every hour.

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As of today, Macy weighs 1 pound. He is very fast and active, now and then scurries around the house. His owner ordered a special cage for him where he can rest, and so that no one accidentally stepped or sat on him.

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