Holly and Harry have been living next door for seven years. As puppies, the dogs have become good friend and since then have been constantly together. Even at night Holly and Harry visit each other.

"Social distancing. Our hoomans still let us see each other through the door."

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One such visit was captured on camera in Holly's house. Harry came to his girlfriend at 11 p.m. Furthermore, the dog did not show up empty-handed (or rather, not with an empty mouth). He brought a ball.

Harry put the gift on the doorstep of the house where Holly lived and waited for his girlfriend. The camera installed over the front door filmed the night visitor. On seeing her friend, Holly started barking and woke up everyone in the house.

Holly's owner opened the front door and let her of the house to play with Harry in the yard. The pooch's owners posted a video on social media with the caption, "My boyfriend came to visit me last night for a date and brought me something special."

I have $87 dollars saved up all to buy cookies. Source: holly.and.her.money

By the way, Holly is a social media star and has more than 2K subscribers on Instagram. Once her owners published a video where their pet paid for her treats with real money.

According to the dog's owners, Holly somehow figured out that bills were important to people. So she started secretly "stealing" money from bags and purses and bringing it to her owner.

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