Crimea the dog was brought to Ukraine from the occupied peninsula. During the bombardment he got shell-shocked and wouldn't move.

On arriving to the site the Russian missile had hit, rescuers saw a completely destroyed house with an injured dog sitting on its ruins. The dog wouldn't move, so rescuers called the vet, who diagnosed the dog with a shell-shock and heart failure.

Source: Instagram

"The dog was taken to the vet hospital. He is under medical observation now. Diagnosed with shell-shock and heart failure. So scared. Poor people, poor pets...," volunteers wrote on social media.

Source: Instagram

When rescuers arrived at the scene of the explosion, they saw a dog sitting on the ruins howling pitifully. Later, animal rights activists arrived and took the deaf and blind dog with them.

The story of Crimea the dog

A resident of Dnipro, Ukraine, posted a photo of the destroyed house on Instagram with a comment explaining that the dog's name was Crimea. He was taken as a puppy from the peninsula occupied by the Russians. The photo shows the dog sitting on the ruins of the house his family lived in. Now there are only ruins left.

Source: Instagram

"A shell-shocked dog sitting on the wreckage of his family's life. It is impossible to take him from there. He's crying and won't leave the place," the woman wrote.

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