Aussie Danielle Greentree is a travel blogger. The woman has visited about seventy countries so far. However, she often faces some problems at passport control. Danielle's appearance is to blame. The point is that Greentree looks about 20–25 years old, but her passport age is 46. Therefore, customs officials simply can't believe that this is Danielle's real age.

The woman has been a finance and HR specialist for most of her professional career. Three years ago, Greentree became a travel blogger. Now she has 138K subscribers on her Instagram. Her photos have been published in such magazines as Vogue, Forbes Travel Guides, Conde Nast Traveler, Travel & Leisure, Harper's Bazaar, Elle.

Greentree's followers also wonder how she manages to remain beautiful and young. The Aussie answers that it's all due to traveling and good genes. Danielle is greateful to her parents for not looking her age.

She says she spends a lot of time outdoors and sticks to a healthy diet. Greentree lives on vegetables, fruits, and fish.

Although Danielle does not go to the gym, she does exercise with her own weight. Danielle also likes jogging and swimming, she practices yoga and Pilates. Danielle hardly ever uses cosmetics.

The Aussie often forgets that she is well into her 40s. But she is convinced that anyone can remain youthful if he/she makes an effort.

Source: lemurov

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