This touching video featuring a dog clinging to a man's leg and looking pleadingly into his eyes appeared on Reddit.

Source: NeniuDormo

According to a user under the nickname NeniuDormo, the video was recorded at an animal shelter. The dog had been a shelter resident for a long time before a journalist came to there to make a story.

That look says volumes!

Source: NeniuDormo

Everything happened very unexpectedly. The dog simply ran up to the visitor and started hugging him. There was so much tenderness and hope in this simple gesture that the man couldn't but stroke the dog. The journalist did not know what to think, because he saw the pooch for the first time. It seemed as if they had known each other for many years. The people watching that heartbreaking moment could not hold back their tears. This accidental meeting was so touching!

Source: NeniuDormo

Everybody understood that it was friendship at first sight. There was a strong bond between the man and the shelter dog. As the author of the post wrote, the man made the only right decision: he took the dog from the shelter to his home. Stories about homeless animals don't always end well, but this one is a happy exception.

Source: NeniuDormo

Source: boredpanda

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