One day when building the road workers left an uncovered pit with liquid bitumen. Unfortunately, a tiny puppy just under two months old fell into the sticky trap. If the instinct could tell him how to swim, it certainly couldn't help the poor thing get out of the sticky slop. The pup was drowning and panting, a black film covering him from tail to ears.

His mother was beside him, but there was nothing she could do to help her baby. She couldn't scruff him to pull him out, she couldn't give him a nudge, and she couldn't dive for him. But she could call for help. So she rushed to the workers she spotted nearby. The dog whimpered and barked trying to attract their attention. She made inviting gestures as if asking to follow her.

The men could see that the pooch was frightened, and definitely needed help. So they followed the dog. Then they couldn't believe their eyes. They saw a creature that did not look like a puppy. It looked like some kind of alien monster, black and slippery.

The men snatched the pup from the pit and immediately began to wash him in the nearest container of water. The puppy was breathing and looked at them with desperate, frightened eyes. Anyway, he was alive as the workers got there in time. There also were three other siblings looking just like their mother.

The workers realized that they couldn't just leave the dog family on the street. The lucky pup definitely deserved a better fate. So they took dog mom and her pups in the car. Now the whole family lives in a shelter and hopes to find a forever home.

Source: novochag

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