Susie encountered unwanted hair growth in areas where women should not have it at all or to a minimum, even as a child. The treatment did not have much effect, and after the birth of her son the situation worsened. She had to get up earlier in order to shave facial hair on her face before leaving the house. More and more often, the woman started wearing a mask to cover the lower part of her face.

Aesthetic problem. Source:

It was also a psychological trauma: Susie felt disgusted with herself, could not communicate with people, was embarrassed to kiss her son and lived in fear that her husband would leave her, not wanting to live with a bearded woman.

But the husband came up with a way out: he persuaded his wife to go to a TV show where doctors conduct a serious examination and offer to correct the situation.

The need to constantly hide her face. Source:

In Susie's case, everything went perfectly: the causes of hirsutism were identified, therapy was prescribed, and the necessary procedures for hair removal were performed. The woman is happy, years of anguish are over! She can now walk without a mask, hug and kiss her relatives.

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Let us also be happy for this family, because sometimes it is difficult to appreciate commonplace, familiar things, until you are faced with the opposite view of the same situation.


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