When a pet shelter in the U.S. state of Arizona became woefully short of animal care assistants, they tried a nearby nursing home. To everyone's surprise this cooperation turned out to be very successful. The older people and the kittens found love, warmth and tenderness in each other. And now it is not even clear who helps whom more: people to animals or the opposite.

Mutual understanding. Source: petpop.com

"To many people, it might seem strange to entrust animal care to people who need 24-hour care themselves," says Sharon Mercer, director of the nursing home. - But their skills are still there, as is their desire to be helpful.

Adorable guests. Source: petpop.com

Sharon Mercer believes that even if a person suffers from senile dementia or Alzheimer's disease, he still has the most normal human feelings. The collaboration between the animal shelter and the nursing home has been extremely successful. The kittens given into the care of the old people grew and developed well. And the old people themselves felt much better and began to enjoy life more.

A little daily joy. Source: petpop.com

"Kitten care is a help to our patients; it helps them retain the full range of human emotions longer," says Sharon Mercer.

Lovely care. Source: petpop.com

Source: petpop.com

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