Flora and Dexter always were best friends, who never left each other's side. But when Dexter, 22, crossed the Rainbow Bridge, Flora was heartbroken, and her owners feared for her life as she wouldn't eat.

Source: Jill Williams

However, what makes this story so unique is actually their incredible and touching friendship. When the pets met for the first time, Flora was a 140-pound dog and Dexter was a tiny 20-year-old cat. Jill Williams and her family adopted Dexter from Best Friends Animal Society, the same rescue facility that brought Flora into their lives.

Source: Jill Williams

"We adopted Flora in 2013 from Best Friends Animal Society after I had seen her on Facebook," said Williams, who also works for this organization. Although the Williamses already had a house full of pets and had no plans to adopt more four-legged friends, Flora caught her attention. "I couldn't stop smiling when I saw her," the woman said.

At first hesitant and insecure, Flora soon became the heart of the family. Flora is "a sweet, smiley marshmallow of a dog." However, what the Williams never thought about, was how Flora would accept a tiny cat.

Source: Jill Williams

"We were pretty sure that if we took in a stray cat, even temporarily, we would need to keep them in separate rooms," Ms. Williams says. "We had no idea how our dogs would accept a feline family member."

Source: Jill Williams

"How am I going to bring home a 20-year-old cat who looks like he already lived his nine lives?" Williams wondered. But Dexter was a sweet kitty. He meowed, rubbing against Flora, and put his paw on her lap as she knelt down. This was clearly intended.

Sadly, two years later Dexter passed away, and the whole family was heartbroken. Flora "would stay outside and howl," Williams says. "It made us very sad."

So, the Williams decided to take in kittens temporarily until they were old enough to be spayed or neutered and then adopted.

Source: Jill Williams

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So, the next day the family welcomed Iggy, Bowie, Roxy, and Glamour. And they were as playful and curious as only 10-week-old kittens can be. "We asked the foster coordinator if we should let them meet our cat-friendly doggie, knowing that getting to know the dogs and accepting them could increase the chances of a kitten getting adopted."

Source: Jill Williams

So, it was time for Flora to meet her new family members. The kittens walked right up to the big dog. "They were so curious and brave," Williams says. "They came right up to her and said, 'Oh, hi!'"

Source: Jill Williams

Flora sniffed each of them and then started licking their tiny heads. Iggy, a Siamese male, was taken aback. "Flora was happy," Williams says. "She laid down and became very relaxed and smiling." Eventually, all the kittens were adopted.

Source: thisdogslife

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