It's always so sweet to see friendship between animals! Even a cat and a dog can become best friends and grow together in harmony. This story proves that the phrase 'cat and dog life' may have just the opposite meaning!

Source: Socorro Jaramillo

A female Pittie named Willow lives happily with her family and her best friend, a cat Percy. Although cats and dogs aren't usually friends, these guys grew up together, challenging all stereotypes. In Willow's opinion, she and Percy are cats!

Source: Socorro Jaramillo

This couple does everything together, from eating to running around the house. Having been raised by the cat, Willow thinks she is a cat too. She even climbs her friend's cat tree to be close to him. The owners adore their furry friends and are so happy to see such beautiful friendship between them.

Source: Socorro Jaramillo

Willow was taken from the shelter in 2020 when she was only 9 weeks old. After a while, the family welcomed Percy the cat into the family as well. In addition, they have two other cats and a Chihuahua, but only Willow and Percy are as thick as thieves. They get along well with other pets, but they spend more time in each other's company.

Source: Socorro Jaramillo

"A week after we got Willow, we noticed that she was adopting some of the cats' habits. She would jump on the windowsill and on the cat tree. At first she was a little afraid and we had to help her down, but soon she would jump up and down on her own without any problem," the owner said. That's how the pit bull, who grew up with cats started thinking she is a cat.

Source: Socorro Jaramillo

Source: thedodo

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