This year, Satu Nordling Gonzalez turned 38 and gave birth to her tenth child. And our hero does not live in Arab countries, where large families are common, but in liberal Sweden. Let's take a look together at this wonderful mother and her very sweet and beautiful children.

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Her first pregnancy, when Satu was 21 years old, ended in a miscarriage and psychological breakdown. And if the doctors took care of her body, only Andreas could take care of her heart.

Andreas was a committed young man who came to Europe from Uruguay and became known as a professional civil engineer. It must be said that Andreas not only received recognition from his superiors, but also won the heart of the young Finnish woman, Satu.

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As Satu herself says: "I am absolutely happy. For 13 years, I had one baby almost every year. My husband and I adore children. I'm ready for a new challenge, a new pregnancy".

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As Satu herself admits, "My job is not just to feed and care for the children. I have to do everyone's laundry, and sometimes I have to mend their clothes so that my children always look neat. I also know how to repair toys, scooters and even bicycles. I have to multi-task all the time, since my children range in age from toddlers to teens. And they have different needs and interests, so in the evening before I go to bed, I think about the whole day tomorrow."

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But the main thing in a family of nine children - it's love. After all, for all her efforts, grateful kids pay her with their sincere kisses and hugs, and such a payment for her is the highest and most desirable reward.

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