Jayde Leeder is a mom of Iggy, Minty, and Sonny. She welcomed her youngest son Sonny in December 2020, who weighed 9 pounds as a newborn. Sonny has always been chubby, moreover he grew much faster than the babies of his age. Leeder shared the pics of her son on her Instagram, and her followers were absolutely amazed by her youngest son's height and weight.

When Sonny celebrated his first birthday, he weighed a whopping 36 pounds. The lagrest diaper size has become too small for him, so Leeder had to look for an alternative. The woman came up with the idea to use adult diapers.

As Leeder explains, when Sonny was a newborn he weighed a slightly above average weight of nine pounds. Since then, the baby started gaining weight, growing out of the largest size of diapers any brand offers.

"When I was pregnant, he always measured a week or two bigger," Leeder explained.

"Doctors were concerned about his weight and they originally thought I had diabetes but thankfully that wasn’t the case — I just had a special boy on the way."

Leeder believes the boy is so chubby due to his big father. “His dad is a big solid Russian and my oldest was over nine pounds when he was born so it was to be expected in a way,” she said.

Although the mom is proud of her chubby boy, she still notices that Sonny has some skeletal issues, but nothing serious.

The happy mother is obsessed with her gorgeous little boy. "I’m very lucky to have him in our beautiful family and can’t wait to watch him grow and develop in the future," Leeder admitted.

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