Amelia was sitting on a bench reading a book when suddenly she felt something small land on her foot. The girl looked down and saw a tiny kitten on her sneaker and a stray tabby cat near it.

The girl gently pushed her foot away, but the kitty scruffed the baby and put it on top of her sneakers again. Amelia looked closely at the cat. By her persistent movements it was clear that the mother saw this girl as a potential family for her baby.

The kitten made a faint squeak. It was late October so no wonder that he was shivering with cold. Amelia took pity on the tiny kitten. The cold weather was coming, so the baby would obviously not survive the winter if left alone. But the girl couldn't even imagine how her grandma would react to the new member of the family. That's why the girl continued reading, trying not to pay attention to the kitten and his mother.

Amelia put the book aside as the kitten was still sitting at her feet, but her mother was nowhere to be seen. The girl looked around but the cat was gone. Amelia stood up and resolutely took the kitten, put it behind her coat, and went home.

"Whatever granny would say," she thought.

As expected, her grandma was not very happy about the new member of the family. But as a kind and educated woman she couldn't throw him out on the street. In such a way the tiny pet found a forever home.

The baby squeaked pitifully, so the elderly woman took him and put on her lap, where he curled up and finally fell asleep.

Next day when grandma was returning home through the park two stray dogs suddenly emerged growling and barking. Seeing the woman, they started running towards her. Not that the woman was afraid of the dogs, but such an encounter could end in the saddest way. No one knows what would have happened next, if it hadn't been for a furious gray cat that jumped out from behind the bushes at the mongrels. The dogs were taken aback and ran away. And the cat came up to the woman looking intently at her.

"How brave you are!" the woman said. "And I have nothing to give you. Come on, let's go home and find there something."

The elderly woman walked not looking back hoping that the pet preferred to stay in the park.

"I couldn't but turn around at the doorway. The cat was two steps away from me," the woman said. "Come on, let's go, I promised."

On noticing her grandma and a stray cat on the doorstep, Amelia couldn't believe her eyes. Her grandma said:

"I know we've got a kitten. But I ought to feed this kitty as well."

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And then the kitten went out of the room, sleepily yawning. When the cat saw him, she rushed to the baby and started licking him. For a second stunned baby happily snuggled up to his mom.

"Grandma!" Amelia said. "This is the same cat, that brought me Lucky yesterday!"

Of course, they had no choice but keep both kitties. "One or two makes no difference," the elderly woman said firmly.

As the saying goes, where there is great love there are always miracles.

Source: mrkot

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