A teen in a toddler's body sounds like the plot of a science fiction novel. But this is the real life of Pei Shan Teo from Singapore. It's impossible to believe, looking at these photos, that this is not a toddler, but a girl who has almost reached adulthood.

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When Pei Shan was born, doctors noticed that her limbs were much shorter than normal. After numerous tests, doctors diagnosed the baby girl with Sanfilippo syndrome, a congenital condition that affects bones, organs, and the central nervous system.

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However, doctors are convinced that the true cause might be an unknown disease. Unlike other patients with this diagnosis, Pei Shan did not change at all. It was as if she was frozen in time, and her infant body became a trap for her maturing soul.

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Pei Shan's parents remember looking forward to welcome their daughter. They read books and magazines about parenting. They anticipated recording every moment of their daughter's life. But after three months, the girl stopped gaining weight.

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She was constantly sick; one illness would replace another. "Each time we thought we’d overcome one hurdle, another blow would hit us and we would have to go through the roller-coaster ride of suffering and emotions," Pei Shan's father says.

At 17, the girl still looked like a baby. She couldn't walk and had to wear diapers. Her lungs were too weak to breathe on her own and she had to wear an oxygen mask all the time. "Our happiness turned into tragedy," the girl's mom shares.

Shan's mother devoted all her time to lookinf after her: "I always hear her calling me, the way she moves. Even if there's a lot of noise around, I can always hear her."

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It was even harder for the parents to cope with the complete rejection of those around them. "People would take their children away as soon as they saw our daughter, as if she were some kind of monster," Pei Shan's mother admits.

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Of course, Pei Shan had a developmental delay, but she was still able to rejoice even at the little things that fate gave her. She learned to write and draw, could speak English, and even played the piano with her tiny fingers.

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"Sometimes she would ask why she wasn't like other children," her father recalls. "And we told her she was special, unique. She's a happy child because she knows how to enjoy the smallest little things such as her favorite TV show or a delicious meal that made her happy all day long."  Last year her parents made the little girl's biggest dream come true to perform at a benefit concert.

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Unfortunately, not long ago, Pei Shan's condition began to deteriorate dramatically. She knew she was dying and asked her parents not to cry and even to play cheerful music from her favorite Hello Kitty cartoon at the funeral. She soon passed away in the hospital.

Perhaps in her 17 years of life, which many would consider a meaningless agony, Pei Shan experienced more happiness than most of us have ever felt.

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