34 years old Jenny Medlam gave birth to her first daughter Charmaine when she was 17, but the relationship with Charmaine's father didn't work out. When Charmaine was five years old, Jenny met her now-husband Richard, who raised her daughter as his own, and whom she views as her own father.

So when the 16-year-old announced that she was expecting a baby with her boyfriend, Jenny and Richard were determined to support her.

Supportive parents. Source: parents.com

In June 2021, 17-year-old Charmaine and her boyfriend had a daughter, Isla-May. Jenny and Richard now love being young grandparents - though they admit that strangers often think Isla is their child.

"When we explain to them that we are actually her grandparents, they get the absolute shock of their lives. Most people don't believe us when we tell them."

Young mother. Source: parents.com

"When Charmaine first told us she was pregnant and that we were going to be grandparents, we were really shocked. Being a young grandparent means you'll have more time to love your grandchildren and cherish them longer. And we might even have great-grandchildren."

After becoming a teen mom, Jenny, who has two other daughters, 13 years old Chelsea and 10 years old Scarlett was ignored by Charmaine's biological father and had no support.

Photo from family archive. Source: parents.com

Jenny didn't want her daughter to have the same experience, and she promised to support her.

"I think she respects me as her mom even more now. We're all living together under the same roof, which is wonderful."

Happy together. Source: parents.com

Source: parents.com

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