When doing a good deed, few people hope they would become popular and famous for their kindness. On returning home from his girlfriend this young man's heart ached when he saw a tiny red kitten soaking wet on the street. Niko had no choice but to take the poor thing home. Little did he know that he would become a social media star.

The kitty was so small that he could barely be seen in the dark. But clinging to life and hoping for human kindness, he was purring very loudly.

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The pet must have been abandoned long ago because he was dirty, malnourished, and scared. Looking at the tiny kitten, the man could not remain indifferent. He picked up the kitty that fit perfectly in the palm of his hand.

Niko hid the kitten under his jacket to warm him up. Feeling the warmth of the man's body, the rescued baby immediately fell asleep.

Several weeks later, the baby got used to his new home and even started feeling as if he were the owner of the house.

Besides the kitty Niko had a dog that accepted the baby at once. Eventually the cat developed ear tufts and his face became more elongated. Even his gaze now resembled that of a predator, and his fur was becoming long and thick.

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Niko assumed that his cat was a Maine Coon, a large cat that belongs to one of the oldest natural breeds in North America. The red-haired beauty had already weighed over 33lbs by his first birthday, and his body length reached 3'11 ft.

The cat was already larger than Niko's dog and could hardly sit on his owner's lap.

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Now the cat is recognized as the largest known domestic cat on the entire planet, and is recorded in the Guinness Book. Who would have thought that a tiny skinny kitten would become such a beautiful cat?

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